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aid Omar Founder and Director of HSO Consultancy
Hamida Said Omar Founder and Director of HSO Consultancy






My name is Hamida Said Omar, and I am your e-commerce and digital strategy partner.

I have  now 20 years  of extensive experience across the digital spectrum,

I contributed to the growth of renowned brands such as Tesco, FOREO, and NAOS GROUP, where I led significant digital projects and enhanced
e-commerce capabilities.



Today, HSO Consultancy is a guiding light for small businesses and startups. We aim to leverage the rich experiences I gained from top-tier companies, along with the latest digital tools, to overcome the unique challenges faced by new entrepreneurs.


My mission is to deliver robust strategies and actionable insights that enable businesses to establish a compelling online presence and navigate the complexities of the market effectively.


Join us at HSO Consultancy to discover how strategic digital solutions, informed by years of industry-leading experience, can transform your business into a competitive powerhouse in today’s fast-evolving digital landscape.

Let's connect!

Let's connect and grow your e-commerce business together!

  • Friendly Expertise: Personalised solutions, approachable advice, and relatable results.

  • Tailored Solutions: We understand your business and offer solutions that fit your needs.

Why us

E-commerce Strategy & Optimisation: Tailored strategies, brand management, marketplace expansion, and performance analysis to drive revenue growth.

Content & Training: Content strategy, optimisation, and training sessions on e-commerce best practices, marketplace optimisation, and effective online marketing strategies.
We balance data-driven insights with human intuition, taking a personalised approach to every project.

What we do 

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